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A Few Reasons to Make it Green.

  • Add a powerful component to your PR and marketing efforts.
  • Generate a new approach to potential sponsors and old faithfuls.
  • Position yourself ahead of the sustainability curve and become a thought leader in your community and business.
  • Set new best practice standards that effect your vendors and the community in a positive way.
  • Trends show that businesses of all types that are incorporating sustainability practices will come out ahead in the new economy as compared to those who continue doing "business as usual".
  • As the event planners and producers we have a responsibility.  We have choices in the ways that we plan our operations and conduct business; it's our duty to do so responsibly.  Our decisions affect the environment, social justice issues and can influence positive change.
A Few Reasons to Hire Elysium.
Sure, the info is out there.  Do an internet search for "green" or "sustainable" events; you'll get hundreds of pages of links on case studies, how to's, advice, leaders in the industry....but do you have the time to look through it all, identify best practices, plan, coordinate, manage and measure results?  
Setting up a sustainable event takes time, specific management, and expert knowledge of a wide range of sustainable industries and best practices.  We're all of that and have a pretty darn good track record to prove it.  We have tools for follow through and systems in place to measure results.
Whether you think you’re already green, you want to see how green you really are or you want to see how green can work for you, we can do all of that.  Additionally, if you are an event planner, we can consult with you so that you can provide added value to your clients.
Oh, and did we mention that we're darn pleasant to work with?