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"We highly recommend Elysium Events when your business and personal conscious is saying, 'let's help the planet and our community.'  They prove it can be done easily, efficiently and effectively.”


-Desiree Hamilton, Hamilton Events/Shamrock Run

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[ih-lizh-ee-uh m, ih-lee-zhee-uh m, ih-lizh-uh m]



1) A place or condition of ideal happiness.

We put the "event" back in "environment"
 ...because without it, it wouldn't make any sense....


Ok, we know that didn't really make sense either but we got your attention didn't we?  What does make sense is to consider the environmental impact of your event and to make commitments to reduce it.  These days even the "man" understands that the environment matters. This is a good thing.


Elysium Events is an event greening company that offers guidance on how to bring special events up to sustainable standards.   Our focus is on “Working Toward Zero Waste” and we have a track record to boot.   We accomplished landfill diversion rates for our clients between all the way up to 93%.  93%, is that even possible?  Yes, it is.


With our specialized knowledge in a rapidly changing recycling and composting landscape, we give you peace of mind in knowing that we have the whole waste reduction thing covered. 

We are concerned with finding ways make your event more sustainable and making you look while we’re at it.


So whether you are looking to improve your diversion rate because you know it is the right thing to do, you want to meet community expectations, or you want to attract sustainability centric sponsors give us a call.  We love to talk trash.