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What does it mean to be green anyway? 
Don’t worry if you don’t really know or aren’t sure how you'll know when you get there; the whole world is trying to figure out that one.  With the lack of a singular and all encompassing certification or standard that spans all event types, we're working to move the industry forward.  At Elysium Events, we’ve created our own rules; leveraging years of experience and best practice research to produce the best possible result.  

A green or sustainable event is defined as “a gathering that incorporates a wide spectrum of environmental and social considerations throughout all stages in order to minimize negative impacts”.  

Our focus is on working towards zero waste but we realize there is a bigger picture here.  We are able take a holistic approach in working towards sustainable events.  Some of the areas we consider include:

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Working Towards Zero Waste
Carbon Footprint Reduction
Sustainable Products and Services Procurement
Sustainable Food and Beverages
Local Economy
Giving Back to the Community
Education & Outreach
Measuring Results