Our Holistic Approach


RECYCLING IS Good, But let’s
amp it up, shall we?

Want to move the needle on your recycling efforts and shift towards zero waste?  Great, we do that. Want to reduce your carbon footprint, support your local food system, enhance your brand, and engage your stakeholders to align with your sustainability strategy?  We got your back on that too.

Our sustainable event services fall into several categories, connected, but able to stand on their own depending on what you need.  

Our focus is on working towards zero waste, but there is also a bigger picture here. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, we offer a holistic approach in sustainable events with our pillars of:

Waste | Communication | Energy | Food | Positive Legacy Projects



Working Towards Zero Waste


Working Towards Zero Waste

Achieving zero waste isn’t always possible, but we consistently use it as a mindset and a goal to strive for. With our passion for avoiding upstream waste where possible, specialized knowledge in a rapidly changing recycling and composting landscape, and an unusual enthusiasm for sorting through waste for maximum resource recovery, we give you peace of mind in knowing that we have the whole waste reduction thing covered.

Our services include: On Site Support; Consulting & Creative Strategy; Post-Event Metrics & Reporting.



Stakeholder Engagement

The impact of sustainable practices can ripple far beyond a single event. The power of communication can highlight your efforts and invite stakeholders along in the journey as co-creators in achieving your sustainability goals while also enhancing your brand perception.

We have a wide range of communication services, click to….



Stakeholder Engagement



Working Towards Carbon Neutrality


Working Towards Carbon Neutrality

Energy is typically the largest impact at an event.  Let’s start by measuring your carbon footprint and then come up with a plan to reduce it through energy conservation practices and smarter travel strategies. After that, we can purchase offsets for what can’t be avoided.  

Our services include: Consulting & Creative Strategy, Communication & Stakeholder Engagement, Carbon Footprint Measurement, Coordinating Offsets.



Sourcing Sustainably


Sourcing Sustainably

Food builds community. It gives us the energy and nutrients to be healthy, work, play, and learn. Where our food comes from matters; environmentally and socially.  We know best practices when it comes to defining and sourcing sustainable food, preventing avoidable food waste, how to get your food and beverage providers on board, and educate attendees.  

Our services include: Consulting & Creative Strategy, Communication & Stakeholder Engagement.



Making a Positive Social Impact

Legacy Projects

Making a positive social impact

We want to help you do more good. Legacy projects, or community giveback programs, can activate your attendees with a deeper sense of purpose and build long-lasting relationships with social and environmental organizations in the communities your event is held. We can help you choose the right cause, build wise partnerships, promote authentically, and measure results.

Our services include: Collaborative Ideation, Consulting & Creative Strategy, Program Development.